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Osnabruck Hotel

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"Osnabruck" is a three-star hotel, which is considered to be the best hotel in the city. It is located in the central historical part of Tver. The hotel offers 34 comfortable rooms including 9 suites. Every room is equipped with direct dial international telephone, satellite television, mini-bar, working area and a smoke detector system. All the rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with oak furniture. Hotel amenities include in-house laundry, car parking, a 40 seat conference hall, 24H business center offering facsimile service, e-mail and high-speed Wi-Fi Internet in every room. The hotel's restaurant "Osnabruck" has a capacity of 50 seats. The atmosphere of the restaurant is always cosy and inviting, pleasant live music sounds in the evening. The menu offers a great variety of appetizers, meat, fish and vegetable salads, hot meat and fish courses, drinks, cocktails and desserts. Both Russian and European cuisine are represented, wine card is various. Health center "Osnabruck" offering sauna, Turkish baths and a small swimming pool with aeromassage and vertical hydromassage.
  Persons Nights Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
40 1 20 145.00 2,900.00
40 0 40 5.00 200.00



Tver is the administrative center of Tver Oblast, located between Moscow and St. Petersburg ( in 167 km from Moscow) at the confluence of the Volga and Tvertsa Rivers (Tver is linked with Moscow by water, ralways and a high way) From 1931 to 1990 it was known as Kalinin, after a notable Soviet leader Mikhail Kalinin who had been born nearby. Its population is approximately 407 000 people. The first written record of Tver is dated by 1164. Formerly a land of woods and bogs, the Tver principality was quickly transformed into one of the richest and most populous Russian states. Since the foundation of St. Petersburg, Tver gained importance as a principal station on the highway (and later railway) from Moscow to St. Petersburg. It was much visited by Russian royalty and nobility travelling from the old capital to the new one and back. Tver is home to Tver State University, the most highly rated university of the region. It is also home to a technical university, medical, military, and agricultural academies and more than 20 colleges and lyceums, branch campuses of some Moscow higher educational institutions and more than 50 high schools. The symbol of the city is Old Bridge over Volga river. An international airport of Tver is planned to be constructed, but it will be mostly used for freight traffic.

Fortuna Restaurant

Fortuna Restaurant was opened in 1999 and housed at the former apartment-estate of merchant Nechaev, dated by the beginning of the 19th century. The restaurant offers a wide choice of dishes of European and Russian cuisine in conjunction with a relaxing atmosphere and hospitality. The interior is done in a classical style of Russian noble estates of 18th century. The restaurant's speciality is sterlyat in white wine and stuffed with salmon, as well as other fish dishes. Not to mention various desserts. A wine card consists of French, Italian and Chilian wines and special restaurant's liqueurs.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
40 40 70.00 2,800.00

Tver City Sightseeing

Since XIII centure Tver is well-known for its preserved historical central part created by architects Nikitin, Kazakov and Obukhov. It has the same planning as Admiralty part of St. Petersburg built by a principle of radial planning. For this reason Tver was often compared to St. Petersburg. The city boasts its great cultural and historical heritage and offers to learn more about it in the numerous museums and architectural monuments: the Historical Museum, Museum of Local Lore, the Museum named after Saltykov-Schedrin, remarkable Tver Regional Picture Gallery, Traveling Palace of Catherine the Great, Church of Ascension, Noble Society House etc. Other sights include Academic Drama Theatre, Puppet Theatre, Circus, Philharmonic Hall and others. During the tour guests will be able to see various architectural memorials dated by XVIII century, White Trinity Cathedral (XVI century), works of Nikitin and Kazakov, as well as to hear the story of reconstruction of Tver after the fire of 1763. From Stepan Razin banking there is a beautiful panoramical view to Volga river and an opportunity for a photo stop.

Tver Putevoj Palace (Road palace)

Historical memorial of Tver, The Road Palace was constructed during 1764 – 1777 in baroque style by the project of famous architect Nikitin and with participation of Kazakov. It was founded in the territory of former Tver Kremlin. The Road Palace was used by Tsar’s family and their retinue during journeys from St. Petersburg to Moscow (hence the origin of the name). The Road Palace includes a few units: central unit, two flankers (western and eastern), church and service flanker. In 1809 the Palace was reconstructed and since 1897 the western flanker housed historical museum. In 1898 the Palace becomes a residence of Tver governors. Many famous persons of Russian culture had been here, including Karamzin, Glinka, Izmaylov and others. In 1941 the building and later reconstructed. Nowadays, the Palace houses State Architectural and Historical Museum, Literature Museum and Tver Regional Picture Gallery.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
40 40 8.00 320.00

Tver Regional Picture Gallery

Tver Regional Picture Gallery is one of the oldest and biggest museums in Russia, founded in 1866. Today, the museum is housed in the building of the former Traveling Imperial Palace, built during 1764-1778. The Palace took its name due to the fact that it was often used by Russian emperors and their retinue during their journeys between Moscow and St. Petersburg. From 1898 until 1917, the Palace was a residence of Tver's governor. Later it was given for the Picture Gallery. The Museum houses several collections namely: the collection of Russian religious art from the 14th to the early 20th centuries, Russian art of 18-20th centuries, Western European painting, graphic art and engraving, sculpture, furniture; the collection of decorative and applied art of Russia, West Europe and the Orient. There are also the scientific archives including about 4.000 items from the 19th to the 20th centuries. The museum is one of "the musts" to see during a visit to Tver!
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40 40 5.00 200.00

14:00 Berezovaya Roscha (Birchwood) Restaurant

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Berezovaya Roscha (Birchwood) Restaurant is located at Tver Park Hotel, at the very entrance to the city from Moscow side, in Moscow highway. It is considered to be the best restaurant of Tver according to professional restaurant research of 2008. There are two halls available for the visitors: Main hall for 40 persons and VIP-hall for 20 persons. The restaurant has a beautiful view to Volga river. The guests are offered a wide range of dishes of Russian and International cuisine. The restaurant's speciality is the same-name dish "Berezovaya Roscha", which is a salmon or pike-perch roll with potatoes and caviar sauce. In the evening the guests can enjoy live music. The restaurant is open daily from 13:00 until 01:00. Free security parking for the guests. Dress code: smart casual. Credit cards accepted: Eurocard, Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
40 40 50.00 2,000.00



Coach (Full Day & Evening)

• DESCRIPTION: Please note due to the traffic situation and according to Russkie Prostori Quality Standards - all transportation shall be ordered 1 hour prior to ensure exact departure. Guides will be available 30 minutes prior dispatching of the coaches. Transportation according to stated time and hours can be used with or without guide. We recommend having an assistant - because drivers in Russia generally do not speak English - and the guide/assistant will provide help during the journey and give explanations. Surcharge after midnight is per hour according to specification below. All extra hours are charged additionally according to drivers' journal. For assistance of guide / hostess during evening an additional cost for meals of drivers & guides might be charged.
• TYPE OF VEHICLE & CAPACITY: Mercedes Benz O-350, Mercedes Benz O-404, Neoplan Starliner, Neoplan citiliner. Max capacity 45 persons.
• SPECIAL NOTES: Beverages (mineral water) will be supplied only upon extra order. Please note that drinking and eating is not allowed in some vehicles. In case of more than three (3 coaches/vehicles) we strongly recommend an additional "runner" providing service and coordination at each stop (assistance with parking, tickets, forgotten things, advising correct buses and items not provided by guides at the time). NB! The vehicles shown in the pictures above are samples of vehicles used but not necessarily those provided during the actual tour.
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40 1 1,760.00 1,760.00
40 1 700.00 700.00
40 1 80.00 80.00
40 1 50.00 50.00
40 1 25.00 25.00
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