Abkhazia: With overnight in Pitsunda


Dolphin Hotel (Pitsunda)

• DESCRIPTION & LOCATION: Dolphin Hotel is one of the best hotels in Abkhazia. It is located in several kilometers from center of Pitsunda resort in quiet place. It was built in 2008 by modern design and has magnificent park with shady alleys, exotic plants, and developed infrastructure. It is club hotel.
• ACCOMMODATION & CATEGORIES: 3-storey building:
2 bed one-room accommodation with private facilities (toilet, sink, shower, TV, refrigerator, air-conditioner, balcony).
2-bed 2-room apartments "Lux" (WC, shower, 2 TV sets, refrigerators, furniture, air-conditioner, a balcony overlooking the sea).
All rooms are equipped with classic furniture and satellite TV!
• F&B OUTLETS: There are restaurant serving buffet breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
• OTHER SERVICES: Swimming pool, gym, sauna, massage cabinet, car parking.
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20 1 10 129.07 1,290.70

•Description Abkhazia

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• In the Abkhazian language, Abkhazia is Apsny, meaning Land of the Soul. Our country lies on land that is bounded by the mountains of the Main Caucasus mountain range in the north and by the Black Sea in the south. In the west, Abkhazian border lies along the Psou River, with Russian Federation on the other bank, and in the east, Inguri River separates it from Georgia. Sukhum is the capital (called Akua in Abkhaz). Overall area is 8665 km.sq. Abkhazian borders stretch over approximately 600 km, of which 390 km is on land, and 210 km are water boundaries.. Abkhazia's overall population totals approximately 300,000 people. Abkhazia is divided into seven administrative districts: Gagra, Gudauta, Sukhum, Gulripsh, Ochamchira, Tkuarchal, and Gal.
• The overwhelming majority of religious Abkhaz are Christians, with insignificant fractions of the population adhering to Islam and Catholicism. There are 25 other ethnicities living in Abkhazia alongside ethnic Abkhaz. State language is Abkhazian; Russian is recognized as the inter ethnic means of communication.

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20 1 430.23 430.23
20 20 1.08 21.60

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20 1 86.05 86.05

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12:00 15:00 Abkhazia. Ritsa Lake

The most popular object, created by nature and which is the pearl of the Caucasus, is called the Lake Ritsa. The lake is situated in the mountains of Bzyb gorges, 40 km away from Gagra at a height of 884 meters above sea level and was established as a result of earthquake approximately 250-300 years ago. The depth of the lake Ritsa - 115 meters, the length of the coastline - 7 km. The road to the lake Ritsa goes through the picturesque mountain gorge along the beautiful turbulent river Bzyb'. Unique nature monuments are located on the way to the Ritsa. This is Waterfalls Girl and Men's tears, Gega and Dairy waterfalls, Blue lake, a picturesque Yupshara gorge length of 8 kilometers.In the end of the road that descends directly to the lake, is located Villa of Joseph Stalin.
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20 20 12.91 258.20
20 20 32.27 645.40

15:00 16:30 Abkhazia. Rafting on river Bzyb.

The river Bzyb starts high in the mountains on the slopes of the Main Caucasian ridge. The river has created the unique beauty of the cascade of canyons and rapids. The average drop of water in the river - 22 meters to 1 km, the length of the river is 112 km.
Tourist rafting on the river Bzyb is organized in the lower reaches of the river, begins from the confluence of the river Bzyb and Gega and ends at the Blue lake.
The length of the route - 11 km. The time spent on the water - 1,5 hours.
After an exciting rafting you can taste the dishes of national cuisine and delicious homemade wine on our original picnic.
Thr rafting program is very well combine with an excursion to the Ritsa Lake.
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20 20 32.27 645.40
20 1 32.27 32.27

Mountain biking to the Ritsa Lake.

This mountain baking tour will leave a great many of positive impressions and emotions, whereas the fantastic mountain landscapes, fresh air and some adrenaline will animate and pick you up.
The program of the tour. The delivery of the lake Ritsa by car. Tour on bicycles along the lake. Bathing in the lake. Dizzy descent on an asphalt-paved road to the sea.
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20 20 38.72 774.40
20 1 193.60 193.60
20 1 129.07 129.07

16:30 17:30

20:00 23:00 Cocktails Workshops

• Cocktail workshops is a challenging and exciting team building experience. The program is good enough for the groups from 10 up to 40 guests. The delegates will be welcomed at one of the beach restaurants in Sochi- Coliseum (bar station is 35 meters) and each of the delegate will get the one card with the recipe for the particular cocktail with the ingredients specification.
• For each 5 small subgroup 1 bar tender is recommended for the assistance in order to supply the included in the cocktails drinks, liquors, spirits etc. As an option, for an inspiration, the bar tender show can be arranged before the cocktails workshops for the group. Also it is highly recommended to invite the photographer, so he can take the picture of each delegate with the cocktail ready.
• The theme can take place in any of the restaurant chosen, where the bar station is available. The whole workshop is 1 hour duration approx.
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20 1 322.67 322.67
20 20 21.51 430.20
20 1 387.21 387.21
20 1 322.67 322.67

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20 1 430.23 430.23
20 20 1.08 21.60

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20 1 86.05 86.05

09:00 14:00 Abkhazia Novie Afon

• DESCRIPTION / ROUTE: Arriving to the Novie Afon Monastery (New Athon) on circular roads up to the mountain. Shops available for souvenirs and beverages prior to leaving. New Athos is located in 22 km from Suhuma on the bank of a small bay. Picturesque landscapes, a fine climate and rich history suited here travelers.
• MAIN ATTRACTION: Anakopija – one of ancient names of New Athos – capitals of a medieval Abkhazian kingdom. Anakopijsky mountain – one of sights of New Athos. Tourists are involved with watchtowers and gray-haired ruins of capital of the Abkhazian kingdom which have reflected in VIII century AD intrusion of Arabs, a Christian temple of VIII century AD and a chapel in honor of an icon of Vratarnitsy Bozhiej of Mother, constructed icons in 1916.
The orthodox monastery in New Athos has been based in 1875 by Russian monks from Pantelejmonova of a monastery from sacred mountain Athos in Greece. The monastery has been constructed at an ancient temple of apostle Simona Kananita where its sacred hallows under a bushel rest! Nearby to a temple there is a cave in which, under the legend, Simon Kananit retired and prayed. This cave in 1884 is consecrated blessing water, and in it the icon of sacred apostles of Andrey and Simona which name it is called from time immemorial is put.
The monastery also is known for the fact of participation in its building of emperor Alexander III in 1888. The orthodox church celebrates on May, 23rd memory of one of 12 apostles of the Christ – Sacred apostle Simona Kananita. A monastery relic is the wonder-working cross with a particle of the Tree of Life-giving Kresta Gospodnja.
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20 20 3.23 64.60
20 20 3.23 64.60
20 20 8.60 172.00

14:30 16:00

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