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Parus Hotel

• PROPERTY DESCRIPTION & LOCATION: The Hotel is a modern 4-star building with numbers of European level, constructed and opened for guests in 2009. Located directly by the Black Sea, close to the main stadium and yacht-club, in the center of Sochi city. Situated just 40 minutes from the Airport, and 20 minutes to the railway station.
• ACCOMMODATION & CATEGORIES: 114 rooms. All rooms are equipped with a refrigerator, television, air conditioning, telephone, shower and toilet, satellite TV, wireless Internet (Wi-Fi), long-distance and international calls, mini-bar, electronic locks.
• F&B OUTLETS: Restaurants "Brigantine" and "Pallas" are decorated in a classical style, Russian and European cuisine.
• CONFERENCE & MEETING FACILITIES: Conference hall "Admiral" on 150 persons.
•OTHER FACILITIES: spa facilities, Massage treatments, medical Center, hydrothermal complex (7 baths, aromatic fonts, mini-pool), gyms and sports halls, own sailing center with boats and yachts, soccer fields, parking lot, terraces for relaxing and billiards, own landscaped beach, entertainment programs for children and adults.
  Persons Nights Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
50 3 25 132.30 9,922.50

Radisson Lazurnaya Hotel

locate on map
• PROPERTY DESCRIPTION & LOCATION: This spectacular 19-storied hotel offering panoramic views of the Black Sea, coastline and surrounding landscapes. Located directly by the Black Sea, close to the historical center of Sochi situated just 20 minutes from the Airport, and 15 minutes to the railway station and 10 minutes from the city center.
• ACCOMMODATION & CATEGORIES: 198 Standard rooms (79 rooms with 2 separate beds and 119 rooms with one French bed), 16 Standard "Comfort" Rooms, 21 Deluxe , 15 Suits, 12 Casanova Deluxe, 17 Royal Club Deluxe, 2 Royal Club Suites, 1 bedroom villa, 3 two-bedrooms villas, 2 Presidential villas. All villas and rooms are equipped with personal safe, mini-bar, air-conditioning, satellite TV and radio, Wireless high speed Internet (WI-FI), Interactive TV, direct-dial phones, hair-dryer, bath amenities, 24-hour Room service, smoke detectors and fire alarm.The Hotel’s Royal Club offers accommodation in 17 Deluxe and 2 Suites on the 17th and 18th guest floors.
• F&B OUTLETS: Peter the Great Restaurant, Morskoy Briz, Restaurant Russkaya Riviera, Restaurant Cleopatra Night Club, Fregat, Cafe on the Beach Sladosti, Ice-Cream Cafe, Lobby bar Delfin
• CONFERENCE & MEETING FACILITIES: Congress-hall with 480 seats, 3 conference halls and 3 office, high-speed Internet, state-of-the-art audio & visual equipment (slide and multimedia projectors, overheads, screens, video, audio and television systems), adjustable lightning and conditioning. Bosporus Conference Hall (180 persons theater style), Orchid meeting room (65 persons theater style), Mimosa meeting room (30-35 persons government style, Lily meeting room joins Mimosa and Orchid
• OTHER FACILITIES: Open (18 m) and closed (10 m) swimming pools, sauna, Russian baths-house, Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, health club and fitness center, tennis courts and private beach with water sports center. Wi-fi is available in the entire hotel and is free of charge.
  Persons Nights Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
50 3 25 205.44 15,408.00

Vesna hotel (Adler)

• DESCRIPTION & LOCATION: Vesna is located in picturesque parkland, 50 meters distance from the beach. Hotel is notable for its elegance and modern style and meets the requirements of the most exquisite taste.
• ACOMMODATION: In total hotel features 608 rooms. The interior of the rooms is stylish as well. Cozy rooms have all facilities for comfortable relaxation. Every room has a balcony. Room categories: Standard, Standard Comfort, Luxe, Apartment.
• OTHER SERVICE: Hotel “Vesna” has medical resources of its own including state-of-the-art medical equipment and skilled medical staff. For those who are keen on sports there is swimming-pool, gym, tennis courts, bowling. Facilities: shopping center, amusements and attractions for kids, play station, cafes and restaurants. You can try and taste dishes of Russian, European, local Caucasus and even Japanese cuisines here.
• MEDICAL SERVICE: Balneary; hydrotherapy room; inhalatorium; laser therapy room; magneto therapy room; manual and mechanical massage rooms; thermal procedures room; for patients' examination; first-aid post; doctors’ rooms; computer diagnostics rooms; Matsesta procedures, mud bath, galvanization, ozokerite applications.
  Persons Nights Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
50 3 25 103.26 7,744.50

Airport Sochi (charter information)

• Sochi International Airport (IATA: AER, ICAO: URSS) (Russian: Международный Аэропорт Сочи) is an airport located in Adler District of the resort city of Sochi, on the coast of the Black Sea in the federal subject of Krasnodar Krai, Russia. The operator of the airport is JSC International, which is part of the aviation holding company Basic Element Aero. As of 2009, the airport is the ninth largest by passenger count in Russia, serving 1.485 million passengers, including approximately 105,400 international passengers. The airport serves Sochi, Russia's largest resort, as well as the surrounding area, which has a total permanent population of more than 700,000 people.
• Sochi International Airport has two artificial runways; combined with its taxiways network it has a total length of 4310 meters and a width of 40.5 m of paved tarmac. The platform and parking lot have a total area of 218 square meters, with spaces for more than 1000 cars. Because of the presence of natural obstacles (mountains) to the north and north-east of the airport, take off and landing are only possible on the sea side of the facility; this complicates airport operations, as strong winds can cause take-off and landing to become a safety concern. The airport authority plans to extend the runway up to 3.5 km, with a portion overlapping the Mzymta River at a width of 300 m.
• The Sochi airport is certificated by Aviation Register of the MAC for its suitability for international flights. It has the ability to receive the following aircraft types: Airbus A310, Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Boeing 727, Boeing 737, Boeing 757, Boeing 767, Bombardier CRJ 200, Fokker 70, IL-62, IL -76, IL-86, IL-96, Tu-134, Tu-144, Tu-154, Tu-204, Yak-40, Yak-42 and other planes III and IV classes. Since 2007 takes aircraft of all types.
• The capacity of the airport complex is 750 passengers per hour/ 2500 passengers per day. The new terminal building was built from 1989 - 2007. It has 3 floors with total area of 57,000 square meters and is one of the largest in Russia. The airport has 440 meters of corridor space and 10 boarding bridges for boarding and deplaning passengers.

  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
50 2 172.09 344.18
50 50 1.08 54.00

  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
50 2 53.78 107.56

19:00 21:00 Restaurant "Poseidon"

• LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION: Located on the seashore, near the park Dendrarium and the sanatorium to them "Frunze." The restaurant offers a panoramic view of the sea. Design of the restaurant and the furnishings are made in the antique style. In the restaurant, 2 banquet halls: 1 hall with 80 seats, 2 hall for 24 seats. There is a two-tier summer grounds at 250 and 300 seats.
• CAPACITY: 80 seats
• TYPE OF CUISINE: European, Mediterranean and Japanese cuisines. A rich assortment of wine card
• ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Restaurant is open from 12:00 to 24:00.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
50 50 75.29 3,764.50

Cocktails Workshops

• Cocktail workshops is a challenging and exciting team building experience. The program is good enough for the groups from 10 up to 40 guests. The delegates will be welcomed at one of the beach restaurants in Sochi- Coliseum (bar station is 35 meters) and each of the delegate will get the one card with the recipe for the particular cocktail with the ingredients specification.
• For each 5 small subgroup 1 bar tender is recommended for the assistance in order to supply the included in the cocktails drinks, liquors, spirits etc. As an option, for an inspiration, the bar tender show can be arranged before the cocktails workshops for the group. Also it is highly recommended to invite the photographer, so he can take the picture of each delegate with the cocktail ready.
• The theme can take place in any of the restaurant chosen, where the bar station is available. The whole workshop is 1 hour duration approx.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
50 50 21.51 1,075.50
50 1 322.67 322.67
50 1 322.67 322.67
50 1 387.21 387.21

09:00 14:00 Tour to Krasnaya Polyana (Summer)

• Let's us take you on a wonderful tour of Krasnaya Polyana to see some of the most beautiful sites.
A short drive away 70 km only, ideal for a day excursion, the resort is an entertainment destination 600 m up in the mountains. The drive is an unforgettable experience for every visitor who will enjoy a variety of landscape. Azure blue waters of the sea, majestic snow-capped mountain with alpine meadows, fast rivers and waterfalls. Several stops on the way in the most attractive places will allow you to admire the views and take pictures. There is no better way to make your breath-taking impressions complete than going on a ski-lift trip. You'll always remember the views as you gradually reach the top. In fact, you are in clouds and you have a dramatic view of the clouds clearing away to reveal the lush green forest landscape below.
• With its perfect location right at the foot of the Caucasus mountains, Krasnaya Polyana offers one of the best skiing in Russia. Majestic peaks, more than 3000m high, surround the village, offering a splendid snow. The whole way up on the top of the mountain takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. The same duration of the trip way back. Please, make sure to dress up warm clothes, as the temperature is lower on the top of the mountain even in the summer time.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
50 2 86.05 172.10
50 50 7.53 376.50
50 50 3.23 161.50
50 2 344.19 688.38
50 50 17.21 860.50
50 50 38.72 1,936.00

14:30 18:00 River Rafting (Mzymta)

• Those who seek the excitement of a keen desire are welcomed to take part in fascinating trip – rafting up the rapid mountain river Mzymta in Krasnaya Polyana area. The experienced instructors guarantee your safety aboard the raft; you‘ll be fit with life jackets. You’ll get much pleasure and delight of mountain river descents and rapids.
• The beauty of wild nature will stun you, you can see rainbow in splashes of crystal-clear water. A professional photographer fixes your unforgettable journey.
• The duration of the trip is 1 hour (10 km length). The tout is available from the first of June up till 01 of October. The price below includes the rental of equipment, safety precautions, insurance, the guide's assistance. Please, make sure you will have the towel, swimming suite, sunscreen and the sport shoes with you. Transfer to the rafting start place takes 20-30 minutes.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
50 50 17.21 860.50
50 50 43.02 2,151.00
50 1 172.09 172.09

18:00 19:00

Restaurant "Urartu"

locate on map
• LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION: Located 50 meters above sea level our medieval-style restaurant has an outside space with a traditional Armenian stove, a fountain and a beautiful grape conservatory. The interior decoration, created by talented craftsmen, takes you back in time. The walls are decorated with natural river stone to create harmony. Hand carved wooden bas relieves tell you about periods in Armenian history and a central panel shows most famous places in Armenia.
• TYPE OF CUISINE:Caucasian cuisine
• CAPACITY: 150 seats.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
50 50 75.29 3,764.50
50 1 193.60 193.60

08:00 08:30

  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
50 1 236.63 236.63
50 50 1.08 54.00

09:00 10:30 Boat Ablhazia (Sochi-Gagra)

• A high-speed, seasonal daily boat service (running between 10 June and 1 October) was introduced in 2011 linking Sochi with Gagra, where it is possible to enter Abkhazia being in possession of a Clearance (see above) indicating the Psou border crossing. The boat leaves at 9 am from Sochi's Morskiy vokzal (sea port) (boarding time: 8 am) and arrives at 10:30. In the other direction, it leaves from Gagra at 7 pm (boarding at 6 pm), in Sochi it has to be bought at least one day before leaving, for the way back though, it can be bought on board. From the Gagra port, just walk 100 m ahead to the main road to catch a bus for travelling onwards.
• IMPORTANT: Please note that you are required to have a visa to Abkhazia and a double entry visa for the return back to Russia.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
50 50 32.27 1,613.50

10:30 18:00

  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
50 1 301.16 301.16
50 1 86.05 86.05
50 50 6.45 322.50
50 50 8.60 430.00
50 50 32.27 1,613.50

18:00 19:30

20:00 23:00 Sinee more

• LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION: The restaurant "Sinee More" (Blue Sea) has a unique location on the Central embankment of Sochi. Restaurant's interior is designed in navy blue color style. Sinee More has 3 areas: hall on the ground floor, terrace with panoramic windows on the 3rd floor and beach area with bungalow.
• TYPE OF CUISINE: Mediterranean, European and Classical cuisines. Great variety of seafood and fish; oysters bar; Spanish Haman; open air barbecue. The wine list of the restaurant has more, than 180 wine positions from all over the world.
• CAPACITY: 200 seats inside: 100 seats in hall and 100 seats on the terrace, and outside on 500 sq.m. beach area up to 500 people.
• ADDITIONAL SERVICES: a wide selection of cigars and aromatic hookah, catering, Banquet services, gastronomic boutique, VIP-service on yachts, BBQ menu, VIP- VIP-delivered meals on the restaurant menu on board. The restaurant is opened from 12:00 till 02:00.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
50 50 103.26 5,163.00
50 1 193.60 193.60

  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
50 2 172.09 344.18
50 50 1.08 54.00
  Price PP, EUR Total, EUR
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