Samarkand : The caravan route to Samarkand & Tashkent (EN)


Samarkand: Afrosiyob Palace Hotel****

The Hotel Afrosiyab Palace is located in the center of the city, near architectural monuments and tourist attractions, as well as the city's administrative offices, in 2 minutes walk from Registan square.
The Hotel Afrosiyab Palace is the largest hotel in Samarkand. The hotel features grand buildings of different architectural styles and techniques, surrounded by gardens facing the grandiose Gur Amir Mausoleum and Registan Square. The hotel's distinctive charm and welcoming hospitality will ensure that all visitors experience unparalleled warmth and service.
Restaurants and bars of hotel offer European, Uzbek and Korean cuisine, as well as large variety of soft and alcoholic drinks.
Telephone, Fax, Email, Xerox, Post Office, Business Interpretation, Scanning, and Computer Rental are available in our Business Center.
An outdoor heated swimming pool is free of charge for clients of the hotel. Also hotel has a sauna and massage room.
Souvenir Shop, located in the lobby on the way to the Museum Bar, offers a diverse array of oriental souvenirs, carpets, embroideries and handicrafts.
You can exchange foreign currency into Uzbek "Sum" at the Exchange Office located in the lobby.
  Persons Nights Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Standard room with breakfast 20 1 10 110.00 1,100.00
Standard room with breakfast 20 1 1 65.00 65.00
Registration fee 20 0 20 5.00 100.00

Tashkent: Intercontinental *****

The InterContinental Tashkent is conveniently located in a business park near the National Bank of Uzbekistan, shopping arcades and the Telecommunication Center, a 20 minute drive from the airport and 5 minutes from the city center.
The only five-star hotel in Uzbekistan, InterContinental Tashkent rightfully enjoys its reputation of an unsurpassed leader of the country's hotel and tourist business. This leadership has already been confirmed twice by the "Best hotel in Uzbekistan" award, but it is even better accentuated by guests who've chosen the hotel as their residence during their stay in Tashkent.
InterContinental Tashkent offers 232 comfortable fully-equipped rooms, including 21 suites with Executive and Presidential suites. Every room has Internet connection. Smoking and non-smoking rooms
"Fitness / Spa"
Aquarius Health Club includes 15m heated indoor swimming pool, sauna, massage, steam bath, solarium, fito bar, changing rooms/shower facilities, gym with a range of equipment, including step machines, beauty salon and hairdresser.
Meeting facilities
InterContinental Tashkent is able to offer a broad choice of premises and superior equipment for all kinds of meetings, workshops and conferences. Participants may enjoy comfortable climate-controlled halls, ample foyers, various means of communications and top-quality supportive services.
2 Large Conference Halls up to 650 people;
4 Small Meeting Rooms.
  Persons Nights Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Standard with buffet-breakfast 20 2 10 217.86 4,357.20
Standard with buffet-breakfast 20 2 1 195.70 391.40
Registration fee 20 0 20 5.00 100.00

General information

Uzbekistan, in the ancient cradle between the Amu-Darya and Syr-Darya rivers with the area of 447,400 sq km and population 25,981,000, it is the most historically fascinating of the Central Asian republics. Within it are some of the oldest towns in the world, some of the Silk Road's main centres and most of the region's architectural splendours. Ancient cities of Uzbekistan were located on the ancient Silk Road, the trading route between China and the West.
The capital of the country is Tashkent- once the fourth largest city in the former USSR, is Central Asia's hub and has better international flight connections than any other city in the region. You can reach Tashkent by National aircompany Uzbekiston Hava Yollary (has regular flights to London, Paris, Athens, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and meny other cities). In addition you can go by British Airways, Aeroflot or Pulkovo.
88% of the population are Muslim (mostly Sunnis), 9% Eastern Orthodox. Official language- Uzbek, but also Russian and Tajik.
The best period to visit the country is from April-October,the weather is mild and in April the desert blooms briefly. In Fall it's harvest time, and the markets are full of fresh fruit.
In general, there are no strict limitations on clothing, especially in Tashkent and other major cities. In some provinces, however, such as Ferghana Valley, it would be better to avoid wearing shorts. Same rule is applied when visiting religious places, mosques, mausoleums, etc.
Unlike tea, coffee is not popular among Uzbeks. In certain places it is not possible to get coffee. There are rarely hotels offering french coffee, instead there is instant coffee available.
Uzbekistan's official currency is Som. Soms come in banknote denominations of 100, 200, 500, and 1.000. Coins, although exist, are rarely used.
In some places, it is possible to pay by credit cards. Master Card and Visa are accepted.
During the past few years, luxurious hotels were built in Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara, which are managed by western hotel operators. In addition, there are a number of licensed independent hotels and B&B's that provide suitable accommodation at much lower price. It is necessary for visitors to obtain a registration during the stay in Uzbekistan, which is usually provided by the hotel that you will stay. Most tourist hotel rooms have a shower, private bath, air conditioning, telephone, satellite TV with international channels like CNN, BBC, ESPN.

***Uzbekistan Visa Requirements

All foreign nationals except citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine, are required to have business or tourist visas to enter the Republic of Uzbekistan.
To obtain a visa you need visa support from national tourism agency or from one of authorized independent travel agencies.
Before application for the tourist visa, foreign nationals need to obtain a visa support, in form of a Letter of Invitation (LOI), from a licensed travel agency in Uzbekistan. Citizens of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, UK, and USA do not need LOI, but they could be requested to obtain LOI, if they are obtaining Uzbekistan Visa outside of their country of citizenship. All travelers are suggested to contact in advance Uzbekistan Embassy or Consulate, where they are planning to obtain their tourist visa, for latest requirements.
To provide you with the visa support you'll be asked for:
Uzbekistan Visa Support form / Letter of Invitation (LOI) Form;
Good quality photocopy of your passport by fax or preferably a scanned copy
by e-mail.
Copy of the flight tickets or official flight reservation form, if visa will be obtained upon arrival at the Tashkent International Airport.

*** Description of Samarkand***

One of the oldest cities of Uzbekistan and in the world is Samarkand, established during the middle of the first century BC under the name Marakanda and later known as Afrosiab. It was the capital of the powerful state Sogd, the center of Emir Timur's great empire. The numerous monuments of Samarkand and its suburbs impress tourist with their beauty and splendor. The refined architectural shapes, intricate ornamentation, mosaics, blue-tile domes and facades are interesting for all who visit theses beautiful buildings. Samarkand has always been famous as a cultural center and today is considered to be a city of craftsmen and scientists.
The main curiosities of Samarkand:
The ancient settlement Afrosiab (the 8thc. BC the 13thc. AD)
Observatory of Ulugbek (1428-1429), the foot of the hill Chupan-Ata
Madrasse (Muslim school) of Ulugbek (1417-1420)
Shir-Dor Madrasseh - (1619-1636)
Tillya-Kari Madrasseh (1647-1660)
Chorsu, bazaar dome (the end of the 18thc.)
Rukhabad Mausoleum (1380s)
Ak-Saray Mausoleum (1470s)
Gur-Emir Mausoleum (1404)
Namazgoh Mosque (17thc.)
Ishrat-Khona Mausoleum (1464)
Ensemble of Hadji Ahrar - (the 15th-20thcc.)
Chupan-Ata Mausoleum (1430-1440s)

Transfer from the Airport to the hotel

Transfer from the airport to the city center will take about 30 min.
Since then millions of people have used its services.14 international routes were open. Including charter flights, the specialists of the capital airport render serve aircrafts flying to almost all countries of Asia and Europe.
In 1995-96 with the assistance of "Shtrabag" and "Fox" as well as Frankfurt-on Maine airport the south and north landing strips were fully reconstructed and equipped with the latest landing signaling systems produced by "Siemens". After that the airport got the second ICAO category and reconstructed the building of domestic airlines where republican transportations are served.
In 2001 the reconstruction of the air building was finished. This allowed the airport of the central airlines to become one of the largest and most comfortable buildings equipped with the latest facilities.
At the same time modern equipment was purchased to render services to passengers and land maintains of all aircraft types.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Bus transfer with English speaking Guide 20 1 280.00 280.00

Dinner at the hotel

We recommend you to have your first dinner at the hotel. Hotel restaurants offer usually 3 course dinner, which includes salad, main course, dessert and tea/coffee, min water.It can be changed according to the client’s demands.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Dinner-menu 20 20 35.00 700.00

Dinner at the Restaurant Paradise Land Art-Galley Club/ Optional

Restaurant "Paradise Land" is located in center of the city.
Several spacious, comfortable rooms accommodate up to 120 guests; also we have special VIP rooms on the second floor, with magnificent views and equipment for holding presentations.
The cuisine of "Paradise Land" deserves mention. Traditional Eastern dishes are prepared in a "celebratory" manner. Our chefs are ready to offer you sumptuous dishes of Asian and European cuisine which will not soon be forgotten. Certainly, wine plays an important part in any great dining experience.
Take pleasure in the unique sensation of a hookah in our restaurant, with an assortment of various fruit-flavored tobacco.
Also, we have 10 dancers who perform Uzbek, Indian, Iranian, Arabian, Russian and Spanish dancing for your entertainment.
Our musicians will play for you favorite Uzbek, Iranian and European songs.
Comfortable simplicity and southern warmth, a joyous atmosphere and tasteful restraint are combined in the restaurant most naturally.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Dinner-menu 20 20 32.00 640.00

City sightseeing of Samarkand

Since the 9th-10th centuries, Samarkand became a cultural center of the Islamic East and the first capital of the Samanids. Ruins of the Samanid palace with carved panels were found in the western sector of Afrasiab. In the 9th-10th centuries the inner city occupied 220 hectares. The suburb with markets, mosques, baths and caravansaries adjoined it in the south. The city had lead water supply. Manufacturing of Chinese paper was developing. Numerous workshops using water mills aroused on the banks of the Siab.
At the 11th-13th centuries Samarkand became a capital of the western Qarakhanid state. It was newly walled. A palace of the Qarakhanids was built in the citadel. The tomb of Kusam ibn Abbas became a cultic place where mausoleum was built. At the beginning of the 13th century Khorezmshah ad took Samarkand and built a new palace instead of the Qarakhanids'. However, the state of Khorezmshahs was soon conquered by the Mongols. Chinggis-khan took Samarkand after short siege. The city suffered much due to Chinggisid internal wars in the second half of the 13th century. Afrasiab has been finally deserted.
Ak-Saray Mausoleum
Bibi-Khanym Mosque
Gur-Emir Mausoleum. Tombs of the Temurids
Hazret-Hyzr Mosque
Imam Al Bukhari complex
Mausoleum of Khodja Daniyar
Ulugbek Observatory
Shahi-Zinda necropolis
Ruhabad Mausoleum
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
City tour with English speaking guide 20 1 270.00 270.00

Lunch at the Restaurant Istiqlol

Location: 157, Amir Temur str, Samarkand
Oriental cuisine.
Exclusive dishes:
Main course - Shurpa, Lagman, Mastava, homemade noodles, Guja.
Second course - Plov, Manti, Shashlik, Pelmeni, Dul, Barra.
Salads - French salad, fresh greens, Chakka, eggplant, olive, vinaigrette, Khe, mushroom, etc.
Desert - pastries, ice cream. In spring - fruit, autumn - watermelon, melons, figs etc.
Drinks - alcoholic drinks, fruit juice, soda.
Restaurant has 2 indoor halls and 2 outdoor halls with fountains, private dining rooms for 4-6 people, live music
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Lunch menu 20 20 17.72 354.40

17:00 18:00 Trnsfer by local train to Tashkent

The guests can have an interesting opportunity to go to suburbian palaces -Cathedrine Palace or Paul's Palace by using local "elektichka" - suburbian train. The way by electrical train takes 25 min from St Petersburg to Pushkin. Clients will have an envelope with instructions, cash and maps. Following the simple instructions they will buy a train tickets in the ticket-office at the Vitebsky train Station and take the electrical train, whcih will take them to Pushkin. On the way the guests will observe small datchas and different country-houses, they will also pass by a Train Museums where different old trains are presented. Upon arrival they can be met by Russian Military Jeeps UAZ with drivers, whcih the clients can drive from Pushkin Rail way station to Pavlovsk - anouther suburb (12 km) followed by the map and help of the professional drivers.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Train ticket 20 20 35.00 700.00

20:30 Arrival to Tashkent

Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan's largest city (population 2,400,000) is also Central Asia's largest city and its main transportation hub. At present, Tashkent is one of the most important business centers in Central Asia. Present-day Tashkent is one of the most beautiful cities in Asia, and its architecture is unique; the hospitality and friendliness of Tashkent people is amazing. The city is more than 2000 years old, and has evolved from a small ancient settlement to the one of the largest metropolitan areas in the region. Many remarkable events, both in peace and war, have taken place during the history of Tashkent, including many periods of rise and decline. The city is host to Embassies and consulates of many countries of the world, and is known among travelers as a great place to stay and arrange visa and trips throughout the region; Tashkent lies right on the border with Kazakhstan and also is known as the main "gates of the Orient" on international air routes from India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and China to Europe. The Tashkent Metro, currently the only subway in Central Asia, is fantastically designed in a unique, monumental Uzbek-Soviet style. It is never crowded, and the easiest and cheapest way to quickly transit the city. Tashkent is simply bursting with interesting museums, ancient historical sites, lush parks, and a diverse selection of high-quality retaurants, nightclubs and shops.
The city of Tashkent is located within Tashkent Region, which lies in the far northeastern corner of Uzbekistan, near the border with Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Its area covers 15,300 sq km; 10% percent of the total population of Uzbekistan lives in the Tashkent Region. The majority are Uzbeks, but more than 90 other nationalities also live here, primarily Russians, Kazakhs, Tajiks, Kyrgyz, and ethnic Koreans. The average population density is more than 146 persons per sq km. The Tashkent Region consists of 15 districts, 16 towns, 17 settlement, and 147 kishlak (villages) councils. It is situated between the western slopes of the Tien Shan Mountains and the Syrdarya river. The Tashkent Region ranks second in Uzbekistan in industrial development. Over 260 enterprises representing 160 industrial branches produce twenty percent of the country's gross output. Principal industries are power generation, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, chemicals, textiles, footwear, and cotton processing and agricultural production.
Tashkent is a city which is famous for its exceptionally valuable architectural heritage. There are many interesting monuments which have been preserved from the Middle Ages; buildings of 19th c. erected by the architects such as A. Benoua, V. Gueintselman and A. Makarov according to European traditions; imposing Soviet era administative and apartment structures; and modern buildings which combine the latest architectural achievements with national style, local picturesque decore and Asian architectural traditions.
The most important monuments date back to the 16th c., the "golden age" of the city's history. Among these are: the Koukeldash Madrassah, the Barak-Khan Madrassah complex, the Suyunige-Khan and Khaffal Shashi Mausoleums, and the Yunus-Khan and Kaldyrgach-Biya Mausoleums.

Dinner at the hotel

We recommend you to have your first dinner in Uzbekistan at the hotel. Hotel restaurants offer usually 3 course dinner, which includes salad, main course, dessert and tea/coffee, min water.It can be changed according to the client’s demands. Please note that depending on the hotel and group size, entertainment should be adjusted by the hotel.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
3 course menu with tea/coffee, min water 20 20 37.00 740.00

City Tour of Tashkent

Although Tashkent was probably first settled around the 1st century BC, written records date the city to its Arab occupation in the 8th century AD. The 13th-century defeat to Genghis Khan and his Mongolian forces threw Tashkent into an era of turmoil. The Mongols lost the city in the 14th century when the Timurids Empire seized control. The Timurids Empire ruled Tashkent until the late 15th century, when the Sheibanids swept through the region. Today, Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan.
In the daytime you will visit:
Abu Bakr Kaffal Shoshi- Islamic scholar, mausoleum of the 16th c.
Barak-Khan madrassah (16th c.) that shows the Central Asian Muslim Religious Board, library with old manuscripts and the Osman Quran of 7th c.
"Khalklar Dustligi" (Friendship of Nations) square and palace
Oliy Majlis (The parliament building is a sample of New Central Asia)
Independence Square and the government buildings
National park of Alisher Navoi (Alisher Navoi - uzbek poet, philosopher, founder of the Uzbek language)
Museum of Applied Art. Today it displays samples of traditional Arts & Crafts, both antique and contemporary. The Museum shop makes available high quality handmade embroidery and carpets
Museum of History of Uzbekistan (recently renovated museum, displaying on three floors artifacts, archeological finds, documents, textiles and much more from pre-history to the beginning of last century)
Theatre square, which consist of Navoi Opera and Ballet Theatre, Hotel Le-Meridien, Central Department Store, fountain
Constantine Romanov's Palace (19th c.). Romanov was the exiled Russian Prince, who built this unique building. (Available to see from outside only)
Broadway. Tashkent has its own and it's bustling with people, day and night. Shashlik, popcorn and ice-cream vendors line this pedestrian area, bordering the Zerafshan entertainment complex, trinkets are sold from street stalls, paintings and souvenirs towards the Amir Timur Square and the sound of Karaoke prevails
Amir Temur square. Under the green-leaved branches surrounding the statue of Amir Temur on his heavenly horse, children are at play, elderly gentlemen are bent over their chess boards, lovers are in deep conversation and little ladies sell sunflower seeds and ice-cream. Amir Temur Museum - another sample of New Central Asian architecture, the crown of Amir Temur served as a model for this building, which fittingly gives an overview over the historical Temurid period and beyond
Kuranti - right by Amir Temur square stands tall the clock tower. On its street level you can walk into the gallery and boutique Kuranti run by the Ustozoda master's association, and get an excellent overview over the best in Arts & Crafts found in Uzbekistan today
The Orthodox Churches. There are a number of Orthodox Churches scattered over the city and the main Catholic Church holds a mass every Sunday with special services on holidays
In the evening you can visit the following places:
Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Alisher Navoi
Theatre-studio Ilkhom
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Bus & English speaking Guide 20 1 350.00 350.00

Lunch at the Restaurant Zafar

Restaurant Zafar - is:
1. 500 summer and 500 winter seats
2. More than 30 well trained waiters
3. Live music, multicolor fountains
4. Open-air cage with exotic animals
5. 10 professional cooks
6. European and national cuisine
7. Wide assortment of spirits and beverages
8. Free, guarded parking
There are 3 convenience halls, 15 rooms and a summer pavilion with 500 seats. In cold weather you can have good time in warm, comfortable and well design halls. In hot weather you can enjoy the coolness and the sound of fountains under the shadow of trees in summer pavilion. Green nature pleasant microclimate and wonderful fountain which always makes cool and fresh the environment and the peacocks walking about the restaurant remains only bright impression of the time which you have in the restaurant Zafar.
In the restaurant Zafar you can spend wonderful time under the lively music.
Guests will be offered national and European dishes. Each guest will find his favorite dish among them which will be suitable to his taste and wish.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Lunch menu 20 20 18.46 369.20

Skiing and snowboarding in Uzbekistan/ Optional

Uzbekistan, the country with the history of The Great Silk Road, is famous not only for its ancient and world know cities Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva, but also for its wonderful mountains. Among the spurs of Western Tyan-Shan, in the picturesque tracts of Ugam-Shatkal National Park, one of the best mountain ski resorts of Central Asia are located.
In this area you'll find continental climate. The Himalayas from one side and Siberia from the other provides the extreme temperatures and abundant snowfalls. The snow here is very dry and cold and excellent for skiing and on the specialists estimation is considered to be the best in the World. The slopes are very beautiful and steep enough to enjoy the skiing.
Mountain resort Beldersay:
The Beldersay route is officially registered in FIS (Federation of International Skiing). The entire extension of the route is 3020 m. The route with the extensive areas for skiing is concerned as a "black" one (difficult route) and divided into 3 skiing zones that can be conditionally divided into upper routes from the Kumbel Mountain (being served by the rope tow), lower route (being served by the chair-lift) and the extreme skiing zone left and right sides of the Kumbel Mountain.
Mountain resort Chimgan
In Chimgan there are several hotel complexes and cottages at your service, also the station for rent of skies, snowboards and sledges. In winter, inhabitants of Tashkent, tourists from other cities of Uzbekistan and foreign tourists come to Chimgan for skiing, snowboarding and sledding. Near the hotel complex "Chimgan" there is a restaurant, bar, several dance clubs, billiard, tennis, and sauna. National cuisine restaurants and cafe, shashlik-cafe and small shops are available not far from the slopes. Local inhabitants invite for horse riding and visiting to national homes in the village Chimgan.
Backcountry skiing resort
Backcountry is for those who is confident out of ski-track and is ready to get serious physical activity for the sake of special downhill. Backcountry combines elements of alpinism and snowboarding with elements of extreme (ski jumps from rocks and cornices etc.). Depending on skiers level different options can be offered. Mountaineering is during 1-2 hours (except mountain approach and downhill). Special alpinism skills are not required.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Package price- INDICATION! 20 20 450.00 9,000.00

Dinner at the Restaurant Opera Gourmet Café

The restaurant is located in the city center.: C4 No 7/8, Amir Temur street.
European Cuisine. O'pera Gourmet Cafe is one of the cozy places in the city where a large beverage list offers not only local and international brands, but also an extensive range of exotic cocktails and shooters. The Cafe, Bar, Patisserie and Gourmet Restaurant offer an exclusive range of pastries, tarts, bakery goods, cakes and sweets.
A la Carte Menu with snacks and exclusive beverages.
Live Music - every day from 7 pm till 10 pm
Take Away Service.
Open daily from 9 am till 1 am (at night)
Business Lunch
Weekdays from 12 am till 3 pm.
Happy Hour with second alcoholic drink on the house daily from 6 pm till 7 pm.
All pastry items 35 % off every day after 8 pm
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Dinner-menu 20 20 55.00 1,100.00

Museum of the History of Uzbekistan

The museum of the History of Uzbeksitan named after Akmal Ikramov is located in the old part of the city behind Medresse Sherdor (Registan), opposite the commercial cupola Tshorsu.
The museum collection relates the history of Samarkand area. Among the exhibits you can find "Flora & fauna", "Interiors of the living rooms", pictures, books.
There is also a rich collection of exhibits starting from the epoch B.C, which shows the way of life and differents historical events in this region. Among the exhibits you can find the tomb of Timur, substituted after the openning of the tomb of Timur in 1941, Koran which is written on the palm leaves with the lengh of more than 1.5 meters each, it was found on a particular marble puipitr in the Mosque of Bibi-Khan and the library which consists of ancient islam manuscrits and 20 Korans dating back to XI century.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Transfer + Guide/Escort 20 1 270.00 270.00
Entrance fee 20 2 9.00 18.00

Lunch at the South Indian Restaurant Raaj Kapur

The restaurant is centrally located in the Heart of the business and entertainment district, near historical sites with easy access to the World Trade Center, financial hubs and shopping areas. It is only 10 km, or 15 minutes away, from Tashkent International Airport.
South India consists of four different states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu and the people that lived in those areas are called South Indians. It is well known for the Dances of the Enchantress such has the Koodiyattam, Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathakali, Yakshagana, Theyyam, Ottamthullal, Oppana, Kerela Natanam and the Mohiniaattam.
There are various ways to make South Indian dishes and there are many different spices that are used in making these dishes. In South India their cuisine emphasis of rice as the staple grain, the liberal use of coconut and curry leaves particularly coconut oil and the ubiquity of sambar and rasam (called saaru) at meals. In South India cooking vegetables are used more due to religious purposes compared to the North Indian cooking. The dosa, idli, vada, bonda, and bajji are typical South Indian snacks. All the snacks were made with different methods and the taste will define which of the snacks were made in different states of South India.
In different parts of South India promote different authentic tastes
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Lunch menu 20 20 25.00 500.00

Transfer from the hotel to the Airport

Transfer from the hotel to the airport will take about 30 min.
Since then millions of people have used its services.14 international routes were open. Including charter flights, the specialists of the capital airport render serve aircrafts flying to almost all countries of Asia and Europe.
In 1995-96 with the assistance of "Shtrabag" and "Fox" as well as Frankfurt-on Maine airport the south and north landing strips were fully reconstructed and equipped with the latest landing signaling systems produced by "Siemens". After that the airport got the second ICAO category and reconstructed the building of domestic airlines where republican transportations are served.
In 2001 the reconstruction of the air building was finished. This allowed the airport of the central airlines to become one of the largest and most comfortable buildings equipped with the latest facilities.
At the same time modern equipment was purchased to render services to passengers and land maintains of all aircraft types.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Bus transfer with English speaking Guide 20 1 280.00 280.00
  Price PP, EUR Total, EUR
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