Vologda - an ancient city of Russia


Spasskaya hotel (***)

Spasskaya hotel is a 3 star hotel. Boasting pleasant accommodation, quality service and convenient facilities, this charming Spasskaya Hotel is an ideal place to stay when you are in Vologda for business or vacation. Hotel "Spasskaya" offers more than 200 guest rooms of different categories. Most of them are of high comfort.
Guest Room Amenities: direct dial telephone, colour television, refrigerator, tea/coffee facilities upon request.
Meals: buffet breakfast, lunch, dinner. Packed lunches available.
Credit cards accepted. Special rates for tourists are available.
The Spasskaya Hotel Vologda is located 2 kilometres from the railway station while the airport is 12 kilometres away. The hotel is ideally situated close to city attractions such as the Kremlin, Sofiysky Cathedral and Rozhdestvo-Bogoroditsky Cathedral.
This property boasts a rich selection of guest rooms, most of them offering high comfort to satisfy your desires.
The Spassky Restaurant is ideal place to relish with hearty buffet breakfast, superb traditional Russian and European cuisine. The Express Cafe serves delicious snack and Oriental style coffee. You can also sip your favourite drink at cocktail bar, which offers a different kinds of wine from France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Bulgaria.
Business travellers can make use of the conference facilities provided by the hotel. There is also business centre with Internet access that allows you transact without stepping out. The extensive recreational facilities at the hotel include bowling, billiards, sauna and casino.
  Persons Nights Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Registration fee 20 0 20 5.00 100.00
Standard - INDICATION 20 3 10 50.00 1,500.00

Angleterre (****)

The Hotel is located in the very heart of the city. The status is 4 stars Russian standard. The Hotel counts on originality and suggests to the guests and businessmen exclusivity and fashionableness. Comfortable, built in classical style the Hotel has all necessary for work and rest, suggests individual service. Little size of the Hotel contributes to individual approach t each client, lows to the staff to treat guests with more attention and execute their requests and wishes.
Angeterre is ultra modern hotel of the world level. T is made for the guests ready to pay for exclusive, personalized service. There are 25 rooms in the hotel.
The hotel is designed in classical style, granite floors walls, red wood furniture. The Hotel is lightened with crystal chandeliers. The rooms are of different categories from business class till suites. All rooms are made in the style of English classic. All rooms are equipped with marble bathrooms, shower cabin, hydro massage.
There is a cozy restaurant in the Hotel with Russian-European cuisine. Breakfast is included to the room rate, business center, massage room, tourist bureau, solarium, sauna, beauty saloon. WiFi is in each room.
There is a save, secured parking in the hotel. Rental of the car is available.
  Persons Nights Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Registration fee 20 0 20 5.00 100.00
FIT Room rate (run of the house) - INDICATION 20 3 10 120.00 3,600.00

Vologda description

The history of the blazon of Vologda begins with a military unit of the Russian Army - the Vologda regiment which was formed on June 25, 1700 in the city of Novgorod. In 1708 the regiment was named in honour of a large Russian city - Vologda. A legend says that the Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible was going to make Vologda the capital of Russia in the XVIth century.
Vologda is an administrative centre of the district. The first reference to Vologda dates back to 1147. That is why Vologda is called Moscow's contemporary.
Territory: 11,6 thousand hectares
Population: 300,000 people
Location: 450 km (~280 miles) from Moscow (8-9 hours by train, 6 hours by car, 1 hour by plane), 670 km (~420 miles) from St.-Petersburg (12 hours by train, 8 hours by car)
Geographic coordinates: latitude 590 13", longitude 390 53"
Transport: a railway station, an airport, a network of highways
River communication: an access to the White Sea via the Vologda river, the Sukhona and the Northern Dvina; an access to the Caspian, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean via the Northern Dvina Channel and the Volga-Baltic water system.
The main interest: Vologda Kremlin, St-Sofia Cathedral.

Vologda Airport (description)

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Vologda Airport (IATA: VGD, ICAO: ULWW) is an airport in Russia located 8 km north of Vologda. It services small airliners.
Vologda Air Company (VAC) has its main office at the Vologda airport (Airport, Vologda 160015, Russia) and branches that are not legal entities in the airports of Veliky Ustug, Nikolsk, Kich-Gorodok, Vytegra, Totma, Nuksenitsa, and Belozersk.
VAC manages the federal property.
The state monitoring of the company is implemented by the Russian Federal Aviation Department through the North-West Regional Board, St. Petersburg.
Vologda airport has a reinforced concrete take-off and landing strip (1500x42 m), V.Ustug, Vytegra, Kich-Gorodok, and Nikolsk airports have asphalt-concrete take-off and landing strips 1350x30 m, that are able to take Yak-40 type planes at both day and night time. The strips are equipped with short and long range drive radio stations of OSP type from both courses of final approach and also with lighting engineering for night flights.
All the airports have weather forecast divisions, staff and equipment for air traffic control. Air traffic control at the Vologda airport is implemented by a branch of North-West Aircontrol state company, St. Petersburg.
The airports of Nuksenitsa, Belozersk, and Totma are equipped with asphalt-concrete strips 600 m long and a drive radio station of OSP type.
All the airports have certified staff for rendering flights of aircraft. They are equipped with airfield preparation vehicles, fuel and lubricant filling stations, parking lots and passenger catering facilities, and with air safety systems.
The airport capacity in district centers is 50 passenger/hr and the Vologda airport's capacity is 200 passenger/hr.
The airports were refurbished in 1969-1970. Vologda airport started to operate in 1978. It is also a base of the Defense Ministry.
The company has licenses of Federal Aviation Service of Russia.
for all above mentioned services. The company is selling tickets through its agency.
On regular air routes within the region the aircraft (Yak-40) is utilized at less than 50 per cent of their capacity in average a year (1996-1997).
The number of staff - 600 people working in different divisions. The staff that is in charge of flight safety is certified. The management (the director and deputy director) is highly qualified and has worked more than 10 years in the industry.
The Vologda airport has the following buildings and facilities:
Airport building;
Office building;
Boiler on liquid fuel;
Storage facilities of 3000 sq.m.;
Auto repair and maintenance service for 100 vehicles;
2 docks with built-in heated facilities for technical maintenance of all types of the aircraft;
Aircraft repair shops;
A platform for 12 aircraft of Yak-40 and An-24 type.
The Vologda Air Company is providing the following services:
Regular passenger flights;
Charter passenger flights within Russia and abroad;
Patrolling of gas and oil pipelines within the territory of Vologda region (4 pipelines x 400 km);
Medical emergency service;
Forest patrolling;
Waste of heat measurement and photography;
Search and rescue flights.

Transfer from airport to hotel

Different types of vehicles for different quantity of travellers are offered for transfer from/to the Airport - hotel (with OR without guide). All Additional hours are charged additionally. Surcharge for additional hours and after 23-00. The vehicle on the picture doesn’t necessarily show the actual coach but in similar class and standard.
Types of vehicles:
- Cars:
- Minivans:
- Coaches:
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Transport: Standard with AC 20 1 200.00 200.00
Guide/Escort at requested language 20 1 80.00 80.00

Dinner in Spassky restaurant

Spassky restaurant situated in the Spasskaya hotel in the centre of the city close to all city's attractions.
It is a cozy restaurant with classical interior, life music.
The right place for your very special party whether it is a small retirement or a large function, a business meeting or a romantic rendezvous, a wedding party or even a party for children.
Cuisine: Russian, European.
Wine-list includes different kinds of wine from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Chili, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldavia and world-famous kinds of cognac, whiskey, rum, gin and vodka.
It has two halls for 30 and 200 seats.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Dinner (sample) 20 20 30.00 600.00

10:00 12:00 - 13:00 Vologda sightseeing tour

The peculiarity of the Vologda Oblast consists in the vicinity of the wildlife which is unique in its beauty, with the ancient monuments of history and architecture. Take a trip to Vologda, your exploration of the ancient city will leave a lasting impression. Here you will see the famous and romantic spots, you will also discover out-of-the-way places.
Vologda has a very advantageous location. It is situated in between two of Russia's major consumption markets - Moscow and St.Petersburg. Vologda is connected with other regions by rail-, water- and motorways and airlines. The city itself boasts an efficient transportation system. The network of buses, autos, trolley - buses and local trains makes getting to and around Vologda easy.
Making a tour of Vologda you will learn the history of the city, visit the Vologda Kremlin, the Sofia Cathedral, Memorial Museum of Peter I, get to know the city's legends, experience the charm of its timbered houses, enjoy the works by Konstantin Batyushkov, Vladimir Gilyarovsky and Nikolai Rubtsov.
Highlights of a guided tour of Vologda:
Vologda State Museum-Preserve situated on the territory of the Vologda Kremlin. The displays of the it include the works of old Russian artists and artisans, manuscripts, handicrafts, commodities, coins, weapon and archaeological finds. Here you can step back in time to an era that exemplified grace and tranquility.
Vologda Picture Gallery that houses about 20.000 exhibits of painting, graphic arts, sculpture and applied art.
Museum of Architecture and Ethnography where visitors can admire an amazing relic of bygone generations in the village of Semenkovo located not far from the Vologda City.
Memorial Museum of Peter I that conjures up the atmosphere and images characteristic of Peter I's epoch.
Museum of the great Russian poet Konstantin Batyushkov
House of the aircraft designer A.Mozhaysky
Museum of Diplomatic Corps situated in an old mansion of the 19th century where in 1918 the US Embassy headed by David Frensis was quartered.
Duration of the tour 1,5 hours.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Package price incl entrance fees, transport & guide 20 20 10.00 200.00

- Memorial Museum of Peter I

Memorial Museum of Peter the Great is located in a one-storeyed building which stands on the Vologda River. The house is a historical and architectural monument of the late 17th century.
The exterior of the house is designed in a rather plain style. The small windows of the house are strengthened with iron bars and decorated with stone platbands. The stone cornice and iron cheque-work roofing finish the austere exterior design. Above the entrance door there is a stone plaque with the Dutch coat-of-arms and the date "1704". These signs testify to the fact that the owner of the house was Holland's official representative in Vologda.
Peter I visited Vologda on several occasions in 1692-1724 and he always stayed in this house. The house was restored and turned into a museum by the emperor's decree in 1895.
The museum collection conjures up the atmosphere and images characteristic of Peter I's epoch. The walls are decorated with replicas of ingravings showing St.Petersburg, Vologda, Tot'ma and Veliky Ustyug in the 17th century. At the entrance visitors can see historic relics of the time: household utensils, coins, farming implements and other things. Imposing wooden wall panelling, green flannel covering, Dutch tile stoves, a candelabrum, pieces of furniture keep the memory of Russia's greatest reformer.
Now the museum is a one-room display that is divided into several sections. On display in the first section are potraits of renowned statesmen of the time and Peter I's bronze bust. In the second section one can see oil potraits of Peter the Great and Catherine I. In the glass showcase there are Peter's clothes - an everyday coat and a festive one. Other historic relics present Peter I's manifold activities and include an old map of Russia, a book about Russia published in France and books about Peter's glorious deeds.
The exhibits in the third section display Peter I's contribution into the Russian development. There are engravings showing Peter I's war victories. Other exhibits feature the emperor's activities in reforming the Russian Army - the Military Rules, cannons and cannon-balls of the time, soldiers' military outfit.
The collection of the museum is crowned with an allegoric picture depicting Peter the Great and Minerva, a goddess of the Roman mythology who was believed to patronize arts and crafts, and was also worshipped as a goddess of war and state wisdom.
Working hours: Every da from 10.00 till 18.00 , except Monday & Tuesday. Attention: only upon request.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Entrance fee 20 20 4.00 80.00

- Vologda State museum

The Vologda State Museum-Preserve of History, Architecture and Decorative Arts is situated on the territory of the Vologda Kremlin. It is one of the largest museums of Russia's North. The displays of the Museum include the works of old Russian artists, manuscripts, handicrafts, commodities, coins, weapon, armour, archaeological finds. The best exhibits were displayed in Great Britain, Germany, France, Holland, Italy, Finland and Hungary. The Museum offers different excursions. There are several branches of the Museum. They are the House of Peter the Great, the Museum of Architecture and Ethnography, the Exhibition Complex, the House of A.Mozhaysky, an aircraft designer, and the Museum of the poet K.Batyushkov.
The snow-white house on the bank of the Vologda river belonged to I.Goutmann, a Dutch merchant. The three letters "H.R.S."and the date "1704" on a stone plaque above the entrance door are the merchant's emblem. They meant "Dutch Republican States" and testified to the fact that I.Goutmann was his country's official representative in Vologda. The exterior of the house is designed in a rather plain style. The small windows of the house are strengthened with iron bars and decorated with stone platbands. The stone cornice and iron cheque-work roofing finish the unpretentious exterior design. The Dutch household stuff of that time became part of the Museum's exhibition. For examle, there are two Dutch tiled stoves of the 17th century in the Museum. In 1692-1724 Peter the Great visited Vologda on several occasions and stayed at that house. In 1882 the authorities of Vologda acquired the Dutch house in commemoration of Peter's I bicentenary and in 1885 it was turned into a museum. The exposition of the Museum shows some personal things of Reter the Great.
Memorial Museum of Peter I
In the Museum of Architecture and Ethnography (Semenkovo) one can feel the atmosphere of the past. The village of Semenkovo is a sort of an open air museum with wooden houses of the 19th century. These old wooden houses tell us about the life of their former owners - peasants, hunters and fishermen - about their traditions and customs. Each house has its own history.
In the heart of Vologda on the house where Batyushkov, the famous Russian poet, lived there is a commemorative marble plaque on its round corner. The inscription reads: "Konstantin Nikolayevich Batyushkov lived and passed away in this house on July 7, 1855." The interior in the Batyushkov Memorial Flat was restored thanks to the poet's contemporaries. Two potraits of Batyushkov (one painted by an anonimous artist, another by O.Kiprensky) attract the visitor's attention. The classical interior, twinkling light, various articles, the shadow of the muse seem to be unreal and fantastic. But that is what K.Batyushkov poetry was like.
Batyushkov Memorial Flat
The Vologda State Museum-Preserve of History, Architecture and Decorative Arts is not a only museum. This is a sort of cultural centre of the city. It became home to a theatrical festival "Voices of History", which is held every two years. Most performances of this festival are staged in the open air in the historical setting of the Vologda Kremlin. Many international conferences and seminars are held here too. In 2000 the Vologda Museum was recognized to be the best museum of the year among 50 other Russian Regional Museums.
Working hours: every day from 10.00 till 17.00, except Monday & Tuesday.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Entrance fee 20 20 4.00 80.00

13:00 - 14:00 Lunch in Restaurant Sever (North)

One of the oldest restaurants of the city meets the guests with the modern interiors and excellent cuisine. It is comfortably situated in the very historical center of Vologda. From 12:00 till 15:00 serves business lunches organized on the principle of Buffet Lunch.
Working schedule: 12.00 till 24.00. Satturday and Sunday - from 12.00 till 2.00 a.m.
Hall for 120 seats + VIP-hall for 30 seats
Dancing floor
Evening alife music
Cards accepted: VISA , Mastercard
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
lunch buffet 20 20 25.00 500.00

14:30 16:30 - 16:30 Spaso-Prilutsky Monastery

Location - 10 km from Vologda, duration of the tour - 2 hours.
The Monastery was founded in 1371 by Saint Dmitry, Father-Superior of Nikolsky Monastery, the closest follower and spiritual friend of Saint Sergy Radonezhsky. The building of the Monastery was approved by Dmitry Donskoy (The Founder of Moscow) who wanted to strengthen in the northern lands as kind of protection of Moscow municipality against Novgorod.
Spaso-Prilitsky Monastery is very important strategic point, situated on the way from Vologda to Belozersk, Veliky Ustiug, Perm.
The Monastery got its name according the main Cathedral. The Monastery is one of the oldest and biggest among northern monasteries. It was the first communal monastery in the north of Russia.
The means for the building were received from Dmitry Donskoy because the Saint Dmitry was God Father of his children.
Next tsars took care of the richness of the Monastery. Great princes visited the Monastery for prayer. Fathers-Superior of the Monastery participated on elections of new Russian Tsars, like in 1598 of Boris Godunov and in 1613 of Michael Romanov - the first of Romanovs Dynasty.
Saint Dmitry died in February 1392 and was buried near southern wall of Cathedral.
Monastery was used as the place of exile, in 1523 there died Ioann Andreevich, son of Uglich Prince Andrey, imprisoned there by the Great Prince Ivan III.
In 1537—1542 years one more monumental stone cathedral was erected.
Monastery is surrounded with stone wall, built in XVII century. It creates a squared figure 950 meters long with towers in the corners and in the middle of the western part. The thickness of the walls exceeds 2 meters, height is up to 7 meters. The Monasteries walls were well equipped for the battle.
In the northern wall there is the entrance top the monastery, gates with above church of Ascension. Besides the Resurrection Cathedral there is a Vvedenskaya Church (XVI century), Uspenskaya Church of SAlexandro-Kushtsky Monastery, Cathedral Bell Tower (1644 year), Church os St.Catherine, grave of the poet Batiushkov, etc.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Pacjage price: transport, guide and entrance fee 20 20 10.00 200.00

20:00 22:00 Dinner in Restaurant Coral

Big variety of dishes. Every month the restaurant "Coral" suggests new cuisine of one of European countries. Attentive service, variable menu.
January - Christams
February - Bielorussian;
March - Bolgarian;
April - Check;
November - RussianIn the wine card there is the best production of France, Bulgaria, Spain, Moldova.
Big hall with capacity up to 70 people and additional banquet room for 15 people.
Working hours 12:00 - 01:00 a.m., every day.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Menu sample 20 20 40.00 800.00

10:00 12:00 - 12:00 Vologda Picture Gallery

Vologda holds a place of its own in the history of the North and its artistic culture. Splendid collections of works of art were collected in the churches and the monasteries, and then in the local museums. The Vologda Picture Gallery plays an important role in the cultural life of the city. Set up in 1952 it has about 20.000 exhibits of painting, graphic arts, sculpture and applied art.
The museum complex is located in the house that initially belonged to the Vologda diocese and was used as living quarters for the clergy of parish. It is a two-storeyed building dating from the 18th century. The great Russian writer Varlam Shalamov (1907-1982) was born in this house and lived here untill 1924. One of his works describes historical and artistic image of the house, life of the clergy and his own family. The Gallery is situated in the centre of Vologda on the territory of the Kremlin. The baroque building of the Gallery, erected in 1772-1776, is a sort of symbol of the city's cultural life. Different cultural schools and tendencies are presented in the halls of the Vologda Picture Gallery.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Entrance fee 20 20 5.00 100.00

Museum of Diplomatic Corp

Museum of Diplomatic Corps is situated in an old mansion of the 19th century. In 1918 the US Embassy headed by David Frensis was quartered there. In 1918 Vologda was the so called Russia's diplomatic capital, receiving 11 foreign embassies and diplomatic missions.
Vologda was situated far from the front line. Besides it was crossed by two important railway lines and had a convenient telegraphy. That's why the town of Vologda was chosen to receive such an important delegation.
The foreign diplomats tried to analyse the political situation in post-revolutionary Russia and chose a policy for the governments of their countries to adhere. It was the last attempt of the western countries to help Russia join the world community, and it was ruined by the Bolsheviks.
For a long time the western politicians considered the work of the diplomats in Vologda to be downtime. In the Soviet Union the diplomats were called the enemies of the communism. Nowadays the importance of these events is appreciated by historians of the whole world.
The exposition of the Museum of Diplomatic Corps is dedicated to that interesting period of the world history.
The first exhibition "Foreign Embassies in Vologda (1918)" was opened on July 16, 1997. The two halls of the Museum of Diplomatic Corps were opened on June 25, 1998 with the support of the US Embassy. James Collins, US Ambassador to Russia, was present at the opening ceremony.
In June, 1998 the Museum of Diplomatic Corps held an international scientific conference ŤRussia and World Community at the Beginning of the XXth Century. Theory and Practice of Interrelationsť which was timed to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the Diplomatic Corps' sojourn in Vologda. To commemorate this anniversary the Museum exhibition was extended and supplied with new exhibits. At the opening ceremony of the renewed exhibition among guests of honour was American Ambassador to Russia James Collins.
The Museum has published the monograph ŤDiplomatic Capital of Russiať (in Russian) and pamphlet ŤDiplomatic Corps in Russiať (in English) which can be ordered to send.
There are unique exhibits in the Museum of Diplomatic Corps, such as documents, business letters from the record offices of Russia, USA, Great Britain and France. The personal things and the interior of 1918 create the atmosphere of Russia in the post-revolutionary period.
Having rich funds and a library, the Museum is ready to receive specialists both from Russia and from foreign countries to work with unique historical documents.
The Museum can organize conferences, musical and literary soirees, exhibitions, presentations and history lessons "Civil War in the North".
The competent guides are ready to organize excursions in Russian, English or French both in the Museum and about the city of Vologda.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Entrance fee 20 20 5.00 100.00
Excursion (English Language) based on the group 20 pax 20 1 30.00 30.00

12:30 14:30 - 14:00 Lunch in Restaurant Nostalgia for USSR

Full name of the place is "Kitchen of Ivan Ivanovich , head of transport department" (Kukhnya Ivana Ivanovicha, nachalnika transportnogo tsekha).
Iit is one of the best place in the town. Original atmosphere - decorated as common kitchen of 1970's. Very funny menu, designed as a newspaper. And many other pretty details.
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Menu sample 20 20 25.00 500.00

20:00 22:00 Dinner in Bear's Lair

From ancient times Russian cuisine is famous by its hospitality, richnes of the choice, generocity of laying.
The restaurant honors Russian traditions, suggests beautifully cooked dishes according to the ancient Russian recepies. Cold and hot starters, borsch, solyankas, rassolniks, game, different kinds of meat, fish dishes, different pies - all these can be tried in the Restaurant Bear's Lair.
The interior of the restaurant is situated in the center of the city and in some way hidden from the noice of traffic and city life. It is designed in the traditions of Russian hunting houses. It combines the real tsar's luxery with the simplicity of country house. The walls of the dining rooms are richly decorated with hunting trofeys.
The evening program can be organized with scenario of the event, fireworks in order to make the evening unforgetable.
Working hours: 08.00 a.m. till 04.00 a.m.
Secured Parking
Musical Program
Alife Music
Зал на 50 мест
Summer terrace for 200 seats
Dancing Floor
Cards are accepted: VISA , Mastercard, Maestro
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Sample menu 20 20 40.00 800.00

Transfer to airport-hotel

Different types of vehicles for different quantity of travellers are offered for transfer from/to the Airport - hotel (with OR without guide). All Additional hours are charged additionally. Surcharge for additional hours and after 23-00. The vehicle on the picture doesn’t necessarily show the actual coach but in similar class and standard.
Types of vehicles:
- Cars:
- Minivans:
- Coaches:
  Persons Quantity Price, EUR Total, EUR
Transport: Standard with AC 20 1 200.00 200.00
Guide/Escort at requested language 20 1 80.00 80.00
  Price PP, EUR Total, EUR
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