The First Tactile Museum in Russia

22 Feb 2017

"See the world from a different point of view" might not be the correct slogan for this unusual entertainment. Nevertheless you have never perceived everything around you from this perspective. Don't you think that we rely on our sense of sight too much rushing through our life in search of instant gratification? 

Just several years ago the first restaurant Dans Le Noir was opened in Sokos Hotel in St Petersburg, belonging to a chain of famous restaurants around the globe where people can eat in the complete darkness. Recently the city presented the first tactile museum in Russia that offers tours also in complete darkness. The guests can visit 5 zones in the museum: an apartment, a street, a park with a pond, a market and a cafe. The guides will also teach you how to cook simple dishes in the dark. It also holds a variety of other events, such as concerts in complete darkness. The museum will give you an experience that you might not get anywhere else.