Azerbaijan ranks 20th in Global Muslim Travel Index

22 Sep 2016

Although there are many beautiful places around the world to visit, only some of these tourism destinations can cater to Muslims more than others, since many Muslims feel more comfortable in Muslim countries due to food, prayer or even security issues.

Mastercard and CrescentRating, a leading authority on Halal-friendly travel, published a report of the Global Muslim Travel Index 2016 (GMTI), which analyzes the trends and needs of Muslim travelers.

GMTI 2016 is the most comprehensive research done on the Halal/Muslim travel, tourism and hospitality market. It analyses 130 destinations across the globe to create an Index to benchmark destinations in the Muslim Travel Market.

Within the survey covering 130 tourist destinations, Azerbaijan, a Muslim-majority nation in the South Caucasus, has ranked 20th among the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

The country’s incomparable historical and cultural heritage, as well as expertise in halal hospitality, allowed Azerbaijan to enter the list of the top Muslim holidays destinations.  In Azerbaijan, where modernity and intellect meet Islam and modern cultures, Muslim visitors can have an unforgettable experience.