Hunting resort "Krasny Bor"

22 Jul 2016

 «Krasny Bor» is a paradise for hunters, devotee of nature, wildlife and peaceful relaxation away from city fuss. Everything here breathes harmony and tranquility: small rural churches, ancient pagan temples and endless forests preserved nature’s unique beauty, transparent lakes and calm rivers.

You will have an awesome time here, get hundreds of wildlife pictures, bring home inquisitive souvenirs and fine and dandy mood!

Krasny Bor is: 

  • a hunting resort of 100 thousand hectares and an open-air cage of 2000 hectares;
  • 58 lakes, 32 rivers, woodlands, moraine hills;
  • a modern hotel complex;
  • wonderful conditions for adventure holidays and events of various types (up to 150 pax);
  • high quality services and care for every guest.

The price per room per night is from 120$.

Please contact us to make a booking.