Ivan Kupala Day in Russia

29 Jun 2016

Celebrate summer with dancing and music and many fun traditions in your incentive trip to Russia!

Ivan Kupala Day, or it is more appropriate to say "night", falls on July 6 - 7 and celebrates summer solstice with many ancient Slavic rituals. The Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian name of this holiday combines "Ivan" (John the Baptist) and Kupala which is related to a word derived from the Slavic word for bathing, which is cognate.

Girls wear girths of flowers and wreaths of herbs. At night bonfires are lit for everyone to dance around and jump over them. Adults and children play games such as race-and-catch. The night is considered mystical and no magical creature sleeps during that time. If you see a blooming fern it may show you the way to treasures. 

You may not come across this celebration in big cities but while staying in the countryside do not be surprised if a complete stranger pours a bucket of water all over you. Do not worry, you will instantly get dry and probably will be even thankful to them for cooling you off in a hot summer day.

Ivan Kupala celebration can be organized for a group of any size and it is an unusual scenario for an incentive program and also a great opportunity to learn about Russian traditions. Summer is the most joyful time for Russians, celebrate it with us!