Fantastic star town Baikonur

17 May 2016

Baikonur is a place of worship, a fantastic star town, where cosmic exploration started. It is the place, where the first successful artificial Earth Satellite was launched to stars. It was the ship “Sputnik-5” with Belka and Streka on board, and legendary “Vostok” with its first cosmonaut Yuriy Gagarin. 

Today, Baikonur rented by Russia until 2050, is the largest Cosmodrome of the world. Annually, more than 20 booster rocket launches occur here. Now, this amazing performance is available for everyone! You will be able not only to visit the famous Cosmodrome, museums and historical memorials, but also to see all launch preparatory stages. In the end, you will see an incredible performance – launch of a spaceship.

By the way, the museum is also worth seeing. It gathered not only various satellites models and pieces of rocket technology, but also the genuine board clothing with cosmonauts’ autographs on it, samples of space food and different appliances used in space.  

Launch of spaceships is an amazing and exciting performance even on TV. But to see it with your eyes – unforgettable experience!