Culinary tour in Kyrgyzstan

24 Feb 2016

We are happy to invite you and your clients to join our “Culinary tour” in Kyrgyzstan this summer!

Kyrgyzstan is a multinational country. There are representatives of about 80 different nations and ethnic groups living on the territory of the country. They all are different in language, culture, traditions and cuisines: Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Tadjik, Russian, Uighur, Dungan, Korean... Historically the Kyrgyz nomads used meat and diary, as well as flour. There were a few spices in their food. It changed a lot when new ethnic groups arrived to the territory of Kyrgyzstan.

Travelling 8 days along the Northern Kyrgyzstan you learn about the history of the region, meet the local people, and discover their culture and traditions. We travel and cook with different ethnic groups their national dishes, and when you return home you will be able to make something special and amaze your friends and family with unusual culinary!

The estimated price for tour:

TWIN base accommodation - 1495 USD/pax 
SGL room accommodation - 1630 USD/pax

Please contact us for more information.