5 unique foods from Georgia you didn’t know you wanted right now

7 Jul 2015

Much of the Western world is clearly unfamiliar with Georgian food. Traditional Georgian cuisine is unique, full of flavor and color, and a genuine fusion of East and West, as Georgia’s key place on the trade routes between Europe and Asia throughout history have brought in spices, herbs and techniques from all over. Do yourself a favor, start saving up for your foodie visit to Republic of Georgia, or at least to the closest city with an authentic Georgian restaurant. When you get there, here’s what you want to order: 

1. Badrijani - fried eggplants stuffed with a perfectly spiced walnut paste from the Gods. 

2. Khachapuri - stuffed bread and it can come in other forms including cheeses and beans, both fine and swell. 

3. Achma - light, soft dough like that used to make dumplings, brimming and bubbling with melty cheesy wonder. 

4. Khinkali - Georgian dumplings filled with either cheese, mushrooms, potatoes, or soup and meat. 

5. Churchkhela – traditional sausage-shaped candy, main ingredients are grape must, nuts and flour.