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Today Russia is considered one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The capital Moscow is the biggest city in Europe and one of the fastest growing economical centers world-wide with an active business life and a constantly changing profile. St. Petersburg is the Fourth biggest city in Europe and the historical and cultural capital of Russia! Sochi is the 2014 winter Olympic Games Host city and a Russian resort city overlooking the shores of the Black Sea.


The most cultural city in Russia, the 4th biggest city in Europe with the population of 6 million people City with largest number of palaces and the deepest metro in the world .The cradle of Russian Literature, Art and Education.The cities’ many restaurants, bars, lounges and night spots offers a wide variety of entertainment with wine and dined opportunities, theme bars jazz lounges and maybe even some of the best European restaurants? The night life starts after midnight and keeps going until early morning. The interest in St. Petersburg has not only attracted investments such as Car companies, breweries and deluxe products lines but also the economical life with G8 meetings.


The most dynamic city in Russia, the biggest city in Europe with the population of 11 million people and a million visitors every day. The capital of the biggest country in the world Business heart of Russia. Moscow has one of the fastest growing economical centers in the world with an active business life with an enormous changing profile / skyline. Investments in making the city looking more and more beautiful with green areas building, facade lightning, demolishing of Soviet Style buildings, water fountains in the River and building on a new skyline in Moscow and many new restaurants, deluxe hotels and night spot.


Sochi is a multicultural city representing more than 100 nationalities. The city has a rich heritage as the nation’s major Black Sea port city, resort destination and a prominent cultural centre. Sochi is seeking the opportunity to host the biggest event in its history, the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games that will be held in subtropics. It will transform the city into a world-class destination and Russia’s first-ever winter sport capital The distance between the Black Sea and the mountain chain is only 40 km. Sochi is the most sporty and active city in Russia The longest city in Europe of 148 kilometers of the coastline. The host city of Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix.


The uniqueness of this fantastic place lies in the wonderful combination of amazing landscape with the wide variety of wildlife. In the valley of the beautiful mountain river the flora and fauna of all climatic zones, from subtopic to Alpine, live harmoniously. Besides fantastic nature, Krasnaya Polyana has unique mountain-skiing infrastructure in Russia. It is the top resort in Russia and is in the top ten mountain ski resorts of the world with an overall height of 1698m. And the unique snow cover guarantees stable skiing from December until May.In connection with carrying out the Winter Olympic Games 2014 large-scale construction of new hotels, ski lifts, mountain-ski runs, tourist and entertainment infrastructure are being developed.